Ostatky, Masopust

Once a yer in village life, after the christmas, before Easter there is a time when Ostatky occurs.

Everything is based on carnival principles, where group of people from village dress themselves in costumes and goes from house to house and collecting money and ostatky (leftovers) usually from zabijačka (pork feast).


Before walk

Aftter the costumes are ready and everybody is prepared, group began its journey from house to house, one at a time, through whole village.


One house, at the time

Whole group moving from door to door, house to house.

Music, people and fun

At every house, group stops and start playing music. People in masks start its "play" and even do some tricks or jokes on each other. People from house presents their warm welcome with offering liquor for every member of mask group, gives free food for them, and also little amount of money.

Money, food and liquors are collected for purpouse little feast after the trip through village, late at the afternoon. Whole group and few more people than gather in public room. Tehy drink, sing and eat what was previously collected. Money are used for later feast in the summer.

Everything is a play

You have neve break from character. Because it is fun, and because you can. It is great relaxation for escaping from everyday life and do something different. Usually, every eyar something absolutly new.

Traditions slowly vanishing

As it is common now, traditions slowly vanishes. Young people from villages migrates into bigger cities, and leaving their live in countryside for reason better chance to find work, and do more things elswhere.

Not everybody is leaving, it depends village to village, but it is visible trend, that people are getting older.